Self-planned tour Vs package tour

Self-planned tour Vs package tour

The very idea about holidaying in your favorite destination adds a beam to your visage and instills in you a sense of bliss. When did you go vacationing last? Was it a self-planned holiday or a package tour? What are you planning this time? Do you think you made a big mistake with a self-planned tour?

Life is full of stress today, at home, at the office, at school, and everywhere. When you go vacationing to national and international tourist places, you will certainly wish to leave behind this bug. This can happen only with a package tour. Holidaying is all about living life to the fullest, far away from the humdrum affairs, routine disturbances, dull milieu, and all the hustle and bustle of life. It is all about relaxation, rejuvenation, entertainment, recreation, leisure, and happiness. It is about spending time with family. It is about hanging around with friends and relatives at a new location. A hassle-free holidaying is what you enjoy with package tour.

For certain destinations, a self-planned tour is an advantage. If you have any of your friends or relatives in your chosen destination, you gain a competitive advantage of a social visit as well as holidaying. You not only save on your accommodation but also may enjoy the company of your hosts for sightseeing, shopping, and related tour paraphernalia. Besides, it is ideal for trips that are very short.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of both a self-planned tour and package tour:

1. You are your own master and planner
2. Too much effort in planning
3. You undergo hassles for your travel itinerary
4. You waste time in booking transport tickets and hotel reservation
5. You have no idea how much money will be spent
6. You may fail to plan a perfect trip
7. Chances of spending more than your set budget
8. Despite planning, you may miss visiting certain tourist places in your chosen destination
9. You may not know the local language or the locations. You may come across uncertified tour guides or escorts who may dupe you
10. You may not gain complete knowledge about the tourist places you visit
11. It may turn out to be an incomplete visit. You may plan for a 2nd visit to complete it.
12. The trip may not be relaxing; it may be full of hassles.

1. The travel agency plans everything for you
2. No effort required in planning
3. Your travel agency gives you a ready travel itinerary
4. Transportation and accommodation are included in a package tour
5. You know how much money you will spend
6. A perfect trip is designed by your travel agency
6. It comes with a fixed budget; not less, not more
8. Everything is well planned in advance. You get to visit all key tourist places and enjoy all activities
9. No hassles about local language or locations. Certified tour guides or escorts assist you throughout the tour
9. You gain complete knowledge about the sites; guides narrate and explain the history, culture, cuisine, etc. about the tourist places
11. It turns out to be a complete visit. Your next visit will be a new destination
12. Completely relaxing trip; no hassles.

Many a tour agency offer pre-defined packages, which is termed a package tour. While the rates are fixed with the duration of the trip planned by the tour operator, solo travelers, honeymooners, family, groups, and corporates gain a competitive advantage from it.

Almost all tour operators offer customized packages. Vacationers gain on various points; instead of the tour operator, it is they who decide the destination, duration, preferences, etc. The travel agency accordingly plans the itinerary and sets a budget. Once decided, the agency does everything on behalf of the tourists – hotel reservation, round trip booking, food, taxi, activities, and lots more. Right from the start to finish of the tour, the travel agency takes care of everything. Vacationers experience no hassles and no worries. They only enjoy the trip the relaxed way.

All geared up to go vacationing irrespective of the reason or the season? Get in touch with a travel agency. Let them plan for you. You will not regret!

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